7 Week Update

March 4, 2020

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 7 weeks since the surgery. It feels like it was yesterday, but also a really long time ago.

Nothing much has been going on since my last update. Finishing my antibiotics was uneventful, and I’ve been on a slow but steady upward trend since. I’m able to do more things more easily, and I can feel myself getting more dexterous. My pain level is near zero. I only feel pain when I do something too fast (like getting out of bed) or walking too quickly (the bouncing movement still hurts). Otherwise, recovery has been smooth, which I am definitely happy about. My lift limit has also been raised to 20 pounds, and that’s been going well so far as well.

It’s nice to be getting closer to feeling 100%, especially since I will be returning to work next Monday, March 9. I work from home, so the biggest adjustment I’ll have to make will be sitting at my desk again for long periods of time. I will certainly update with how readjusting to working goes.

My recovery has been pretty restful as well. My days have mostly been filled with reading, learning Spanish using Duolingo, video games, TV, doing easy chores, and running easy errands. Recently, I started doing some genealogy research into my family, which has been a fun activity to spend time on. Over the weekend, though, I think I overexerted myself a little. I think I was moving around too quickly and I started to feel a little sore around where my internal sutures on my core muscles are. I’ve taken it easier these last few days to try to feel better. As always, I’m also monitoring how my appendix is feeling to make sure it’s behaving itself, and so far it has been.

I’ve also been talking with the recipient’s mom lately. The recipient does want to meet me, but she’s nervous about meeting someone who is essentially a stranger. Her mom asked me what my favorite Pokemon was, and a few days later the recipient sent me a hand-made “Get Well Soon” card with an awesome drawing of my favorite Pokemon, Aerodactyl. She also sent a little worksheet asking things about me, like my favorite color, foods, and who my best friends are, and she sent me a copy of the same sheet that she filled out. I’m excited to fill it out and send it back with a drawing Jill is going to make for her of her favorite Pokemon!

That’s how things are going at the 7 week mark. Not much to tell, but I wanted to update all the same. Once I start work next week, I’ll update here with how that goes.


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