Finally Approved!

December 6, 2019

I got the call a few hours ago from the hospital, I was finally approved to be a donor! The donor coordinator called right as I was sitting down to enjoy a happy hour with some friends, which was great timing because I had good news to drink to!

The donor coordinator told me that the next step was for them to contact the recipient’s family and see when they would be ready for surgery. Once they knew that they would get back to me to actually schedule it, which the coordinator said could be as early as next week.

On my drive home from the happy hour, I teared up a bit. I was feeling a lot of emotions: relief, happiness, excitement, fear, nervousness. It was finally going to happen. I first called the hospital asking about donation in June, and just a little more than 6 months later, I’ve finally been approved. It’s been a long road to get to this point, and even though there’s still a lot more to go, I’m relieved this part is over. The only issue is that my BMI is at the upper limit of what the hospital allows to donate, so before the surgery I’m going to try to lose a little weight to make sure I can still donate.

I’ll make sure to update here once the surgery date is set. Thanks for following along on my journey.


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