Lots and Lots of Waiting

October 24, 2019

Yesterday I had the glucose and urine tests done, the ones I mentioned in my previous post. They were pretty uneventful, but I’ll let you know what happened.

I showed up at the lab with my 2 milk jugs of my urine in tow. At first they weren’t sure if they could accept them, since they weren’t in a sterile container. The lab tech called her manager who said that the 24 hour urine test didn’t require sterility, so thankfully they could accept my urine. They just had me empty the jugs into one of their containers first. I was also told that I would need to give a sterile urine sample as well, which involves wiping down your genitals with a disinfecting wipe and peeing into a cup, which I did.

Sugary Drink

Now that they accepted my urine, the blood draws could begin. They drew around 9 small vials of blood for the first draw. The tech assured me they’d only need one vial for each of the next 2 blood draws, which is good. After the draw was completed, they gave me a little bottle of what was basically flavored sugar water to drink. The small 10 fluid ounce bottle had 75 grams of glucose, so it was so sugary that it almost burned going down. Once I finished it, they started a timer and I would need to have my next blood draw after an hour.

I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave out of fear of me passing out or something after the blood draw and the sugary drink, so I needed to wait in the waiting room. The combination of not-so-great cell service and a lack of WiFi meant I couldn’t do much. So I just listened to music and played games on my phone. After the hour was up, I went in for my second blood draw, then they sent me back to the waiting room for another hour to have my third and final blood draw. Another hour of waiting and the final blood draw done, they said I could go home.

All told, it took about 3 hours to get all this done, most of it spent waiting. Like I said, pretty uneventful. I was told it could take about a week for the results, so I’ll update when I have them. Thanks for reading!

Image courtesy of Miriam L. on Yelp. I forgot to take a picture myself.


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